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Telehealth is now a mainstay of medical treatment. Most doctor’s will continue to use telehealth platforms well beyond our country’s recovery from the pandemic. But how is your patient’s health measured from a distance? Typically in two ways. It’s based on sending patients home with multiple devices which often results in a great deal of non-compliance when it comes to taking measurements regularly. Secondly, your understanding of their health is determined by their own reports of how they feel, a process wrought with human error. How can you better measure and monitor their physical, emotional and mental health? MyAlyce. 

Sending a patient home with our wristband attached to a FitBit or other wearable allows you to monitor all their biometric data from a distance without the need for self-diagnosis or taking health measurements with a bagful of cumbersome, costly devices. You and your staff will have a software App from which they can monitor all their patients using a simple iPad. Staff can be notified in case of medical emergencies within seconds, respond and save lives. Their location is identified thru GPS in case they need immediate medical assistance.

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